100 Word Friday


“I should have never let pop sell the farm”.

“He was getting to old for it” his wife reassured him.

John didn’t see it that way. He stared at the old neglected truck, a tear rolled down his cheek. It looked lonely, useless now, rusting away behind the fence.

“That was one tough truck, not like they make em’ today. There was nothing to break…I bet we could fire that workhorse up. It worked right till its last day.”

“Do you wanna go?” his wife asked.

John didn’t want to go.

“What time are visiting hours at the  nursing home?”


26 thoughts on “100 Word Friday

  1. Sad, for sure. I liked the way the husband/son character hid his emotions behind the truck story.

    If you are open to critique though, you’ve repeated “behind/outside the fence” in that one paragraph. Maybe one of those could be deleted and the three loose words used somewhere else.

    1. First let me say THANKS Madison for letting us all have fun on your page. I collect all kinds of old stuff I have chairs that date back over a hundred years, tables etc… Love old rusty things! Thanks for the kind words, the fun prompts and for stopping by.

    1. Thanks Doug. I really enjoyed your piece as well. You are one hell of a writer! Kind words from you go a long way!
      Thanks Tom

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