Nothing Common

My head swings

a rapid cutting ball

I do my best

I chew through walls

I want you to understand

I want you exposed

Our blood should boil

I want you to understand

I can not leave well enough alone

because that’s not good enough for me

nothing common usually is.




Stubborn like water

you blow

swirling and pushing

never giving in

drowning yourself in yourself

wearing down or outright drowning

all that the conflict with your ways.

listening to nothing but the tide

the pulling

the raging tide.





Choking the chain

Shattered ice and all the fragments

tiny shards of broken glass

how fragile it all is

walking around with fake heads that swivel

office chairs and the leash

got you

got you

on hold

grinding down

working hard

living for the job.

Barely living for what matters

shattered ice and broken glass

the world is on fire.



Riots in our minds

I am

watching a great ground swell

We are, at this time, at each other.

It’s not like the sixties

but hell, we are getting it on.

Full fledged fucking with each other.

I have to say I like it.

I like it because we are talking

Yeah there is a lot of shouting

but suddenly people not only care


are unafraid of engaging each other.

So I sit here on this eve


Can we all just get along?














winter wash

Bare beyond belief

upon the sand

under the stand of the lifeguard

they sat on an empty landscape

with the breeze blowing

tender to the touch

raw emotions rolled with the waves

The sunlight washing winter away.



If you were born in the dark ages
and I saw first light today
we would still be friends

no space
no time
no status
would separate us

I could call
and you would be there

with a

“how you doing dick face”

loyal like brothers

willing to bury something in the backyard

nothing could separate us
not dirty deeds
rising with greed
not being born in another time

we would be friends no matter what

you could take a baseball bat to that.

Pocket of Space

I am

Within your grip

the moon the tides
Can not change it

I will struggle
Strain at the hips
Drive my teeth
Through my jaw

before I lose you

There isn’t a force on earth greater than you

Not a pocket of air
More comfortable to be with in
every bit
Of what I am

You grasp