Poppa’s Home

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Copyright-Janet Webb


“Poppa sure loved that home.”

“He did, sis.”

The old home’s decayed frame crumbled by time and gravity was a reminder of their past.  It was hard to let go and leave childhood memories behind.

“Worst thing I ever did, letting him leave that house.”

“He was getting old Jake. You did what you had to do.”

The smell of lavender washed over the bright sun filled day.  They hugged each other as Jean started to cry. Jake held her by the shoulders.

“The town is going to have it bulldozed”.

“I rather it rotted slowly like he should have”.










The 100 Word Carrot

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Got caught up this week with the court case and all.  It never ends.

Dripped the minutes away

over a world class beer.

The suds, the foam

I forgot to reach.

I was busy putting the suit on

playing the game.

Forgot to warn you

I’m toxic

and only two words over half way there.

Bring on the holiday, bring on the love

cause my heart is big, red and independent.

Not bleeding

barely off center of right.

Dead center from the left.

Chocolates and Cupid

I want to sling love at you


I only have so many arrows.











The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber

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I wrote this story and asked Rich to check it out for me.  He helped bring it to new heights….Darn good editor.  He said I did most of the hard work but oddly I do not see it that way. So this weeks offer is by both Rich and I.

copyright-Rich Voza


His mini poodle Ernest was tucked neatly under the seat in his carry-on cage as Flight 505 raced down the runway. The idea of returning to his partner’s arms lightened his heart as the plane floated to the clouds. After finally finding the courage to admit his true feelings, he proudly told everyone and enjoyed his new emotional freedom. He couldn’t have been happier. His skin sparkled in the window’s reflection as he looked out at the wing, only to see the engine rip away. For the first time in his life, it was okay to scream like a schoolgirl.


Here is the original…my suggestion to add school girl, he added all the other great details…

With his little dog Ernest tucked neatly under the seat in his carry-on cage the flight raced down the runway. The idea of being back in his lovers arms lighten his heart as the plane floated off the tarmac. He had found the courage to come of out the closet. He told everyone of his new freedom. He was the happiest he had ever been. His skin sparkled in the reflection of the window as he looked out at the wing, only to see the engine rip off. For the first time in his life he screamed like a girl.





Pure Light

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Not a big fan of the 300 word introduction to the one hundred word story… I totally understand if you skip ahead to my 100 word offering.

This story is nonfiction and is based on the love of my life, my girlfriend Sabrina.  I had a tough week because I lost a close friend.  Half numb, slightly hung over and tired from  sleep deprived nights I didn’t think I would participate this week but my addictive personality got the best of me. As hard as I tried I could not shake this monkey on my back known as the Friday Fictioneers. I also apologize for my lack of commenting last week.

When I look at the picture with the statue in it, it reminds me of two people so close they are one, intermingled in thought and emotion. Eyes closed, warmth surrounding them, feeling the wave of their love flowing through each other.  That is how I feel with Sabrina.  During a dark week she was my light, and I had no choice but to make her the subject of this weeks prompt.

100 words

/copyright-Claire Fuller

On the bed with my legs over yours we lie back as I read to you.  The sun comes through the window, we are nude and fit together as we adjust for position. Normally uncomfortable naked with the blinds open I am the statue of the Dying Gaul in your mind and I can feel your eyes as I can feel the  morning light coming through the windows.  I put the book down, curl around you and whisper without need for restraint thoughts I normally do not share. I breathe in the scent of the only woman I love.

The Dying Gaul


 Bri and Me



The Honeymoon

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Copyright-Renee Homan Heath

The sky’s thirst robbed the sea of her water.  Gray-blue haze covered the horizon, mixing sea and air.  The day inhaled the endless ocean.  In the distance sky and water were one.  Up close the air was layered, heavy on the chest and thick on the brow.  The sea rippled by winds out of the southeast.  Scarce light danced bright in diamond shapes across her surface.   Lapping waves on sugar sand lulled me to sleep by the palm tree.  The shade, the cerveza, her hips and knowing it would all soon change.  The relationship formed by the approaching storm clouds.

Zaide Reborn


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Copyright-Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

 His teacher warned me.
“Ira, you should apologize to Hannah for pushing her off the rocking horse.”

“It’s my horsey”

“It’s for the class to share.”

“It’s my horsey.”

He went to his room after “timeout” without even a whisper.  After a little while, I went in to check on him.

“Are you ready to say sorry?”


I turned to leave his room then stopped dead in my tracks.

“What’s this?”

“I was talking to Grandpa, in heaven.”

“What did he say?”

“He likes my horsey.”

“Would you share it with grandpa?”

“Silly, he knows it mine.”

Cello Bass Face

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Copyright-Roger Cohen


They bellied up to the bar exchanging notes.  One sat, the other stood.

“They’re not the same.”

“You sure?”


“Why did you say it?”

“I didn’t.”

“That’s what you heard.”

“I know what I heard.”

“I don’t deserve this.”

The bartender poured one last drink.    It was hard to tell who was who.

“What’s up with you two?”

“Having an argument about nothing.”


It didn’t matter the sun was rising and the place had been closed for hours.

Their strings out of tune, they went out back, looking to play more than words.

“It’s a Cello!”

“Bass, asshole.”

Somewhere in Japan


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Here it comes

Wait..for.. it




I curse my ass off sometimes!



*After reading the comments I decided I would change the title of this story so people would understand from the start where this story takes place…


* A few days later… yet another title change thanks to the boss.  That is not a typo.  It is the boss with a little “b”.  There is only one Boss with a big “B”.  The Man from Jersey who rips up a stage, playing for hours. The  working man’s Boss…..

So from New York comes a reward for good commentary. It’s not Just Fireworks it’s








Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Now on with story and Ted I am waiting on your word count.

Just to remind anyone reading, it is now called


Somewhere In Japan

Seamus and Tareek towered above the crowd maybe the whole nation. Seamus stood 6’2” with a chunk of red hair. Tereek’s muscles rippled with every movement.

“I tried telling them, Tareek.”

“Did you show them your passport?”

“Yep. They think we are being humble. Must be a cultural thing.”

“Can’t they read English?”

They both looked around, smiled and chuckled.

“Not that well I guess.”

“Seamus at least they don’t think I’m your slave.”

“Remind me to tell you about… Irish need not apply.”


The celebration began in their honor.

“Don’t forget I’m Mark McGwire and you’re Sammy Sosa.”




Always Sunny On Fulton


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Copyright Jean L. Hays



Greg did not come for the coffee or the company of people. It was the view he loved. He sat by the window, his eyes turned in the direction of Julia. The details printed into memory, an actor’s role in a play. He knew what he would say. He had practiced a thousand times.

“More Coffee?”


Her hazel eyes met his. Stage fright set in. He stuttered, blushed and whispered words only he could hear.



She walked away, turned to look back and smiled.

The words did not matter.

The stained glass sun rising over new love.

A Christmas Star

It is 100 word Friday thanks to Rochelle Wisoff Fields.  Links can be found here.

I really wanted to write something happy this week.  Something  with a little holiday cheer but when I clicked on the photo prompt I was instantly overwhelmed by the cute cat and couldn’t help but think about my best friend and his family who lost their Cat Star on Tuesday night.

Copyright-Scott L. Vannatter


Star was warmth in your home but on a cold night she’d steal your heat.  Even the allergic one respected her.

“Cats don’t have masters they have a staff”.

When you slept on the couch Star rode your hip, a log in a river.  Eight lives used up by fights and cars.  The south side bay window is where she spent her ninth life.  Heart disease robbed her balance.  Star went palsy climbing the stairs and had to be put down.   The little one’s innocence stolen by the first shovel of dirt.

“Uncle Tommy my cat died”.

“I know James”.