Attack #11

Never give it much thought

Not a thought that is written in stone

Give it a fleeting glance

Let your heart take you

Let your soul take you

As long as you are happy

You couldn’t learn it if you tried

Cause dragons spit fire

Like people rage


Don’t give it much thought

Give it a fleeting glance

Cause no matter how hard we try

To learn

Its our fleeting glance

Its that moment between perception

And what we really think

As the lids close

That is the truth

100 Word Friday


“I should have never let pop sell the farm”.

“He was getting to old for it” his wife reassured him.

John didn’t see it that way. He stared at the old neglected truck, a tear rolled down his cheek. It looked lonely, useless now, rusting away behind the fence.

“That was one tough truck, not like they make em’ today. There was nothing to break…I bet we could fire that workhorse up. It worked right till its last day.”

“Do you wanna go?” his wife asked.

John didn’t want to go.

“What time are visiting hours at the  nursing home?”


Bird Watching #10

In a field with one tree

A crow would always


Wait for me to come out the door

He would caw

Wings up

Showing me the strength in his shoulders

I asked the native American who worked with me


He would laugh

At my sad eyes

He would laugh at

Why he would know why

In between then and now

A hundred birds or more

Tried to get closer to me

At a stop sign

A chickadee flew in my window

Robins made a nest by the living room window

I watched them grow and fly free

The Cardinal

That landed two feet from me

Early in the morning

On a short fence by the house

Sang to me

Like my mom did when I was young

I am not sure where she is now

I still see the crows

When I am down and out

Staring at me

They no longer caw

They are too busy watching

A Minute To Go #9

This one would come with ease

I could feel it all day

Not a thought was wasted on it

An old drinking buddy

Had finally come to town

I sat back, relaxed and then went out for a few

Waited for the last minute

To dress in my best

This day would come with ease

As if it was always meant to be

The phone rang with business on the end

The beers poured between friends

The dinner regional, personal, satisfying

This day came with ease

So I let it tick down to its final end

And gave in with a minute to go.

Ronkonkoma #8

The hull was yellow and maroon,

I taped the line,

Sanded the benches,

The welder up the road fixed the trailer.

You read your book,

Took your lesson,

And prepared us to sail,

For a day that would finally come.

And when it did,

The wind screamed,

The lake churned and spit,

The Ocean a definite no.

We went inland on the Island,

To the biggest lake of all,

Where a princess was known,

To take the life of a boy.


The wind straight to our back,

You would not give in,

We had put time into this trip,

We had planned this.

The wind holding the rutter,

The boat out of control,

You yelled “prepare to tack”,

The boom swung for my head.

I disappeared under the sail,

It had my name on it,

I watched you as starboard came around,

And you were pushed backward into the water.

As loud as that day was,

For a moment it all went still,

I came up for air,

To see you, hear you screaming for me.

For a moment I smiled,

You had cracked, shown your vulnerability,

Shown how much you cared,

That you could be afraid of losing something.

“Right here Dad” is all I said,

As life washed back into your complexion,

It took us a while to steady that boat,

A windsurfer helped us get the right angle to bail.

I tied the rope to my shoulders,

And you continued to remove the damage,

As I made the mile swim back to the launch,

Coming up a little short and slightly to the right.

Color Blind #7


I am not as fragile

As my heart

This body doesn’t care

When you rolled up on me

The only white boy in the room

I gave you a pass


This time around I let



And a good time lead the way


It has nothing to do

With throwing fists

Proving myself

I did that a long time ago


Hands of stone

Ruthless calculation

Shattered more

Than one

Eye socket

Made tougher men apologize


This time around I was

Thinking of my buddy

It was his party

His house

His wedding


You have no idea how close you came

To my unique brand of teaching

To the overhand right

To having your pride

Bitch slapped

In front of your boys


I squared up on you

But the leg never went back

I talked in an open stance

With an open mind

That lesson would come

You’d find your teacher


I hoped he would be smaller

Than you

Pinkie white

And skinny

Heart of Africa black

And big would do

But I wanted you to learn more than that

I wanted you to see what a racist

You are

What a punk you are

I wanted to show you

Then and there

I have a fragile heart

A righteous right

A ruthless hook

A body that doesn’t care


You looked at me like a target

So when you rolled up on me

Everyone in the room

Who knew me

Knew you

Picked the wrong guy


But this time

Time had matured me

This time

I ticked underneath

I put a governor on it

And gave you a pass


I sat down

Next to the biggest fuck in the room

Someone you would not have the balls

To pick out

To pick on

And he whispered to me

You sure have changed


You have no idea

How close you came

But it was

The after party

To the wedding

Its ten years later

I have not divorced the idea

Of teaching you


I have not forgot you

Cause back in the day

When I wore my fragile heart

I would have change your life

Your perception

And you would know why

I was the only white boy in the room

And how close you came

To being

Color blind

Paint Pot #6


The wind

Touches your  hair

Your hand

In mine

Little fingers

Wrapped in my callous palm

You tug me

To see your rock

To tell you

The name of a shell



You point out to me



I lift you up

We find stones

You skip

I walk

You roll

I skip

Stones to your delight

We walk back

To the house

Paint pot

Red cheeks

Fingers and toes

Before We Go #5

You push me baby

I never have been push before

Never felt such a tender touch

Putting me in spots I fantasies about

You push me baby

To go where I have never gone before

But I don’t want to ruin this




It’s so much for me

Let me have a drink and think about it

Before you change your mind

Before I make up mine

Let me think about it baby

I feel your hand guiding me

Pushing me

I can feel your breath on my back

Let me think about it baby

Before I go over the edge

I want to know you are with me

Before we jump

For Whatever Reason #4

You make me

For whatever reason

You make me


Your skin

Under my hand

My hand under the blanket


My heart slows

Waits for a bump in the night

I rush forward for you


You make me

For whatever reason

Want to die for you

100 words…..

One hundred word prompt



Bare against the gray sky dawn touched the last of the darkness. Day would be upon me, thoughts and pressure filling my cup. Cream and coffee mixing my dreams and reality. A touch of sugar and this bitterness would be welcomed, put away into the warmth and used to fuel my work. Black and Tan for the moment the cream rose from the rich dark drink. Separate but a part of each other they mingle, enemies at a gang fight, circling, trying to take a piece of each other. Dreams filled, black keys and letters, the paid tapping of thoughts.