Union Station and Kings

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100 words.


Copyright - Dawn M. Miller

There were black crowds in Washington white.

Can we all get along?

In the red hills of Georgia

The dream,

Lost in a valley,

In the dark shadows of poverty.


The fear and name calling,

The race baiting and packaged beliefs,

Have divided us by party lines and railroad tracks.

The black reverend came a long way

To stand on the steps,

To face the potential violence.


Shoulder to shoulder,

Fifty years ago it was a sea of men, women and children.

A shot rang out in the Memphis sky

The man in black



Free at last.



Getting Published


I have published 18 articles and poems since May and this is what I learned.


  1.  Put yourself out there.  No one is going to find you in your basement apartment behind your bong or under the beer cans you should be recycling.
  2. Write!  Write as often as you can, when you can and where you can.  I don’t care if it is in the can or on the can.  Write on your gay friend’s white bare ass for all I care.  Write, write and then rewrite.
  3. Know your weaknesses. Work on making them better or at least try to avoid them.
  4. Demand honesty!  You are not going to get the truth from your mom or your girlfriend.  They love you and do not wish to crush your dreams.  Well at least your mom loves you.  I hope.
  5. Deal with it! You’re not Hemingway or James Joyce.
  6. Know who you are!  Make no apologies and find like minded people.
  7. Read!  Read the classics.  They are classics for a reason.  Read the greats in your genre.
  8. Market yourself.  Face the fact that you are a word whore and a pimp all rolled into one.  Shake your money maker Biotch!
  9. Get a website or a blog and update it.  So I don’t follow some of my own advice…sue me!
  10. Write! Write,write and rewrite!
  11. Find writers!  Get them in your corner and bounce ideas off of them.  Let them proofread your work and listen to them.  You do not need their approval just their skills.
  12. Write!  Write, write and rewrite.
  13. Don’t forget! The pen is mightier than the sword.  You are a mighty word throwing thug.  Now go out and kick some ass.

Where Are We Now?

I am lost in a world where there is no family

I have the privilege of being a part of

What so few do

So few know the rules

Crusted sand stands as a reminder of once fertile ground

The lost

The lonely

Thirst for what is before them

Unable to drink they insist they can’t

They insist they tried

Text message thoughts without a face to face

How cold we have become

How lonely the world is

Filled with heads down

Eyes shy or worse scared

The feed keeps them going

Scrolling across the screen

It is always better on the other page

Google their beliefs

Package their thoughts

Digital trinkets and bells

Where are mothers like mine?

Where are we now?


Lost without family.