Weighting in a perfect 7.5% ABV

I can’t say enough good things about this beer.  Citrus bursting suds, malt base and a fresh hoppy flavor a beer lovers palate would consider paradise.  Chuck full of grapefruit and a touch of pineapple, a biting beer full of heaven.  Reminds me of…..

Beer advocates 95 out of 100 World Class Rating

Rate Beer 97 out of 100

Untappd 4.09 out 5

The Brewery spin

Enjoy the clover honey hue and tropical nose. Simultaneously Punchy and soothing with a big body and a finish that boasts pineapple and grapefruit. Flower power is hopped and dry-hopped five different times throughout the brewing and fermentation process.

My Smoke and Toke Take

Has a great golden color and the lacy head remains on the glass.  Nice bite, great hoppy flavor, leaves just enough bitterness on the tongue and has a clean finish.  Can barely taste the alcohol.  Great beer. Refreshing, strong and flat out awesome.  Ithaca Brewing company has a winner with this beer.  The best beer I have consumed in a long time.

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