Sun On Rocks



There is something to be said

About the

Cold blue ice

The breath of winter

But it’s sunshine

We all seek


You can love the darkness

Sing to the moon

It’s sunshine that warms us

The heat

Of burning madness

The warming of rocks

Beside the cold pine lined water


The sun shines.


Thin Skin

A Fall leaf
A fragment
Of what he use to be.
Helpless and
Arms flared to the side,
A sudden Stop.
A bush, a tree, a blade of grass,
Nothing is too big,
Nothing is too small.
A gentle breeze.
He’s floating on air.
To settle on the thin skin of a puddle.
A foot vibrates the floor,

Color Blind #7


I am not as fragile

As my heart

This body doesn’t care

When you rolled up on me

The only white boy in the room

I gave you a pass


This time around I let



And a good time lead the way


It has nothing to do

With throwing fists

Proving myself

I did that a long time ago


Hands of stone

Ruthless calculation

Shattered more

Than one

Eye socket

Made tougher men apologize


This time around I was

Thinking of my buddy

It was his party

His house

His wedding


You have no idea how close you came

To my unique brand of teaching

To the overhand right

To having your pride

Bitch slapped

In front of your boys


I squared up on you

But the leg never went back

I talked in an open stance

With an open mind

That lesson would come

You’d find your teacher


I hoped he would be smaller

Than you

Pinkie white

And skinny

Heart of Africa black

And big would do

But I wanted you to learn more than that

I wanted you to see what a racist

You are

What a punk you are

I wanted to show you

Then and there

I have a fragile heart

A righteous right

A ruthless hook

A body that doesn’t care


You looked at me like a target

So when you rolled up on me

Everyone in the room

Who knew me

Knew you

Picked the wrong guy


But this time

Time had matured me

This time

I ticked underneath

I put a governor on it

And gave you a pass


I sat down

Next to the biggest fuck in the room

Someone you would not have the balls

To pick out

To pick on

And he whispered to me

You sure have changed


You have no idea

How close you came

But it was

The after party

To the wedding

Its ten years later

I have not divorced the idea

Of teaching you


I have not forgot you

Cause back in the day

When I wore my fragile heart

I would have change your life

Your perception

And you would know why

I was the only white boy in the room

And how close you came

To being

Color blind