A.J. and Dee Bones

“I can’t believe you can’t smoke in bars anymore”

“I miss those days.”

“When the smoke would roll out the door.” Dee bones said as he laughed and crumbled inward covering his mouth so he wouldn’t spit.

“World has gone to shit.”

“Ain’t that the truth Joe”

The little bartender in her tight jeans opened a box of mint.  The top covered Joe’s keys.

“You just gonna open your box like that?”

Her dark hair covered her eyes as she looked down.  Three colleges boys looked on from way across the bar.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to.” Then it hit her. What he meant by box, her face snapped from under the cover of her hair.  Her eyes straight on.

“Now who’s being rude?” Joe asked.

Dee bones gestured away.  Joe taking it all in,  grinned.

“You are?”

“So I am..I am.”

Her face attempting to be angry blushed over with a smile.  Average Joe’s eyes bedroom soft pierced her tough but playful front.

“I couldn’t help it, it was too easy” he said.

“I Didn’t even know what you meant at first.”

“Are you new at this?”

“At bartending? No!”

“Perhaps it’s early?”

“It’s the end of my shift”

“You’re not coming on to me are you?” he said.

Her arms went to her hips, she moved to the side.

“No.” She looked over at Dee.  Dee bones smiled and laughed.

“Coming on to you is my job. I’m the one buying the beer.  So who’s the fucking Mojito for?  One of those 12 year olds over there?” Joe asked as he gestured to the three guys about college age.


“I think they are fighting over who loves you more”

She looked over her shoulders, looked back at Joe and smiled.  She started grinding the mint, starring.  Her low cut top revealing her soft white cleavage.  Joe never stopped looking into her eyes.

“So who loves me more?”

“They all do.” he said without hesitation.

Her smile bigger, her  grinding harder she finished up the drink and walked towards the college boys. Joe drank her in.

“How do you do that?” Dee bones asked.


“Just say shit like that!  I would get punched in the face.”

“No you wouldn’t.”

“Yes I would.”

“No You just don’t talk like that.  It’s not your nature.  Smoke?”


“That’s some good fucking beer.  What do you want to try next?”

“The porter”


They but their jackets on like Amour and walked out into the cold winter air.  The red tip of their Newport’s dousing snowflakes as they smoked.

“Fucking bullshit smoking out here”

“Can’t find a good bar anymore, the true twisted addictive personalities stay home now, all the characters are gone. Makes it easy for me.”

“It’s always been easy for you A.J.” Dee Bones said.

A.J. flicked his smoke halfway into the parking lot, it rolled into the grate above the storm drain.  Dee bones put his smoke in the cigarette receptacles.  They walked back into the bar a trail of smoke following them.


To be continued…






















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    1. Kewl Jackie PPPPP! Thanks for reading and for checking out my youtube poetry reading. A.J. is my alter ego…


        1. ok ok so it’s just me with another name. You got me! Yep just the one youtube video. I will be putting another one together one of these days.


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