Frozen Pane

Well hello….It’s 100 word Friday and I’m back.  That nasty super storm knocked my lights out for 9 days then a Nor’ Easter dropped six inches of snow on the ground, snapping the already weak tree limbs and blowing up transformers.  After all that… this week prompt is snow and ice….Yeah! I can’t seem to get away from bad weather.  Well thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for keeping the bus going…Snow, rain, sleet…you’re better than the post office.  How about a nice beach prompt next week? Enjoy!

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I am not a big fan of the title “Friday Fictioneer” it makes me sound like a Muppet or some character from Fraggle Rock….But I do love writing the 100 word stories and the people who created it!  I also love their tolerance for my abrasive attitude and sarcasm.



Frozen Pane



Seesawing on cold storm wind and warm ground air the snowflakes touch and gather.  Gentle white clusters rising and falling, swirling between Fall and Winter.  Dove feathers of the sky dance downward resting on tired heavy limbs bowing gracefully to gravity.  Their moment fleeting, cold rain and ice cut sideways ripping and tearing the last of the leaves.  Mixing snowflakes into slush, the wind and rain push against the window. The green grass fading into dormancy. The perennial changing of the seasons. The gray backdrop, the canvas of change, a reminder that all life is fleeting. Frozen against the pane.

31 thoughts on “Frozen Pane

    1. Thanks Janet…I got this silly nickname from an old friend who encouraged me to continue writing so I ran with it…A fine thing to say! Thanks very much.

    1. I love nature… Sandy ain’t gonna get me down and besides I am lucky. I have a cousin who lost her home in breezy Point. People have died, it looks like a war zone around here and if anything this storm has made me even more feisty. Hope all is well with you.

  1. Hi Tom,
    You’re not a muppet, you’re a poet. Speaking of which, this entry is very poetic and filled with beautiful language and you wrap it up nicely with a message about the fragility of life. Well done. Ron

    1. Ron,
      Thank you very much for the kind words…I always look forward to your writings and will be by your page in just a few to check out your story.

    1. LOL….It’s more of a Fraggle thing! Thanks Dutch. Is that like Dutch as in Phatty(big Joint) or Dutch as in Dutch? I’m going to be in and out today but I will come and take a look at yours. Glad you are back!


    1. Coming from you that is one hell on a compliment…I had to look up the word lugubrious…I suppose the cabin fever I have from nine days without light, hot water and heat had something to do with the gloomy feel….
      Thanks Tom

  2. Hi Tom,
    Can’t help the name of the group. I inherited it. However we do seem to have become Wed. and Thurs. Fictioneers as well.
    A vivid picture of winter you’ve written. If you can’t beat the weather, write about it.

  3. You’ve REALLY observed and thought about how this weather stuff works, and that comes across very well in what you describe here. The -ing verbs are difficult over and over, but just what you need, with the final “frozen” to seal the deal.

  4. The imagery and description here is beautiful on so many levels….i am so glad i came to read yours…”heavy limbs bowing gracefully to gravity…” just beautiful sir

  5. You’ve been through it with the weather! As others have already pointed out, your prose is poetic. I like the motion at the beginning and the stillness at the end. You catch both the energy and stillness that come with snow and ice.

  6. Lovely poetic piece …”Dove feathers of the sky dance…” and “canvas of change..” – “a reminder that all life is fleeting…” Beautiful. Nicely done.

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