Morning Sunshine

Woke to the sound of horses
They live on the second floor,
The neighbors across the way are putting in a railroad
Through all this
The dripping of the coffee and the electric toothbrush
The TV chattered< I wanted to take aim See if I could hit my target Blind shots into the floorboards But I don’t eat horsemeat So I sipped some coffee Mint Brushed again I am going diesel powered this year Maybe do a little fracturing in the backyard Starting a garage band And answering every question with a BWAHHHHH! It’s a new year bust out the pots, pans and Mallets. Make it coal Smokey black coal cigarettes Some dope from the dopes And a yapping Pomeranian with a megaphone I want to startle the snow into ice And shatter all dreams of peace Cause logic says Politics are decided down the barrel of a gun BWAHHHHH The milk is curdled Looks like sourdough coffee by the side of the railroad tracks.

6 thoughts on “Morning Sunshine

  1. I think you really enjoy your neighborhood! My kids have been the horses on the second floor and we call the sourdough coffee “sheepherder coffee”. Happy New Year to you!

    1. JudyAnn,
      I really do enjoy the neighborhood….really. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

  2. I really enjoy this ramble – the metaphors are thick and rich – found myself clattering like sparks off of them into entirely fresh realms. Great rhythms and percuss. Looking forward to spending more time delving your trove

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