Poppa’s Home

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“Poppa sure loved that home.”

“He did, sis.”

The old home’s decayed frame crumbled by time and gravity was a reminder of their past.  It was hard to let go and leave childhood memories behind.

“Worst thing I ever did, letting him leave that house.”

“He was getting old Jake. You did what you had to do.”

The smell of lavender washed over the bright sun filled day.  They hugged each other as Jean started to cry. Jake held her by the shoulders.

“The town is going to have it bulldozed”.

“I rather it rotted slowly like he should have”.










50 thoughts on “Poppa’s Home

    1. Rochelle,
      Thanks on the new banner…Dysfunctional or not there is no place like home. I think Jake was able to show some compassion in the end but regretted doing so. Jean was holding on to every bit of bitterness.


  1. Great story with surprising twist at the end. I was so led along the garden path I had to reread it to understand. it. I think Jake’s experience may have been different than Jean’s or maybe he was just more forgiving. One of the best stories this week for sure.

  2. Finally out of the car after a day’s drive and back at the stories. I like this very much. You showed both the dysfunctional nature of some families and both the hate/unforgiveness that can continue as well as the freedom in forgiveness.


    1. Janet,
      Thanks for the excellent comment. Glad to hear you are out of the car and doing what you enjoy. Been real busy this week so I will try and get to as many stories as I can. Looking forward to reading yours.


  3. It’s letting him leave…Jake had forgiven his father and didn’t suffer the same kind of abuse his sister did. Although he helped his father leave and he forgave him he still questioned his own reasons for doing so. Old and rendered harmless he let his father live with him as the house and barn continued to decay. He gave his dad an out that his dad would have never gave to him or anyone for that matter but he did it believing it was an act of kindness. That act of kindness made him a better man he told himself but deep down he was unsure if it did. One thing it did do was stop the anger from destroying his own life…

    1. Ahhhh….This is may be the best way to describe Jake feelings. Jake wasn’t sure if he did it out of forgiveness or if it was a passive aggressive way of getting back at his dad by helping to take away the one thing his father truly loved, the house.

  4. I sense a guilt trip. My mother lived alone after Dad died until she was 92, then had a bad fall and wound up in a nursing home. I beat myself up for quite a while for not figuring out a way she could come back home. Still not completely over it, I guess.

    1. Russel,
      I think Jake is a bit torn up over a few things but he is at least trying to move ahead and doesn’t have the anger his sister does. That must have been tough Russell. Lucky for me both my parents are still alive and doing well…but Grandma lived with me as a kid until her end. Watching her during those last few years was no easy task..either way it’s never easy.

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