We Shall Overcome


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“We can no longer go on like this.  The world has become too crowded.  Look at this image, the city weeps, the people cry out for action.  Today is the day my friends when we rise from our soil and grow like pines from the fires to banish those who have hurt us into the flaming walls of hell for eternity.  They have stolen our top soil, abused and ate our young sprouts alive.  They have chewed and spit us out by the millions.  This genocide will not continue.  We shall fight and destroy all those dirty granola crunching VEGANS!”




50 thoughts on “We Shall Overcome

  1. That was a lot of fun, Tom, and I won’t even tell you that I’m mostly vegan. Oh, whoops, I just did. If I’m only mostly, will they let me live? Please? Now if the animals join in against the meat-eaters, we’re in real trouble. Only Mayor Bloomberg will be able to help by making everything known to man illegal. But no one will be fat.


    1. I think you’ll get to live for now, Janet. This Lilly is looking for the real radicals…But you know how these movements are…The next thing you know they will be looking for anyone who eats vegetables. Don’t even get me started on Bloomberg! I was looking to make this a little fun, glad you enjoyed it.


  2. Yeah, our two lilies should definitely get together, if only to give mine a friend. Yours sounds like more the militant older brother type. I could see their group: Lilies for the Expansion of Carnivorous Habits, or LECH for short.

  3. I cannot remember what the leaf eating dinosaurs are called. Whatever it is, they are being hunted now! I like the imagery and the imagination Tom.

    1. Careful the trees could reach out with their limbs…the vines could sneak up on you in your sleep…what about spraying toxic pollen at you? Hey you never know….

  4. I’m a vegan but liked the story anyway. 🙂 I was actually reading it with a different perspective (like the battle cry of environmentalists), so the surprise at the end was nice!

    1. I would hope no Vegans would take this the wrong way….So I am glad you you liked it. I figured having the plants focus on vegans would be little more extreme and perhaps a little funnier than going after all humans…

      Thanks Tom

  5. Ha ha, Tom! Revenge of the flowers on the mean, despicable vegans. They will be redeemed! Very creative and funny story. It’s good to get a plant’s point of view!

  6. Hi Tom,
    A rainy Sunday afternoon and I’m finally getting to your story. I’m glad someone finally stood up for all us carnivores and put those self-righteous vegans in their place. Great story idea. Ron

    1. Ron,
      I hope the rain has stopped over by you. Seems to be nothing but cold wind, rain and snow flurries this year. I can’t wait to see some sun. Burger eaters Unite! Thanks man.


    1. Thanks Abraham,
      I tried going to your story but my computer said your page had maleware on it….Glad I could make you laugh.


  7. Flesh-eating lillies…. gave me goose bumps
    Loved your humour with this great take on the prompt this week, well written as always

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