100 words…..

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Bare against the gray sky dawn touched the last of the darkness. Day would be upon me, thoughts and pressure filling my cup. Cream and coffee mixing my dreams and reality. A touch of sugar and this bitterness would be welcomed, put away into the warmth and used to fuel my work. Black and Tan for the moment the cream rose from the rich dark drink. Separate but a part of each other they mingle, enemies at a gang fight, circling, trying to take a piece of each other. Dreams filled, black keys and letters, the paid tapping of thoughts.

7 thoughts on “100 words…..

  1. Thanks Jen! I really enjoyed your take on it as well. Do you have a sister Jean? If you do I wrote a poem about her once!

  2. I loved the imagery. To me it is metaphor for the shadow side we all learn to battle, defeat, embrace and eventually incorporate. Thanks for joining us today, I hope another photo moves you to write with us again!

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