By The Bank


 One hundred word prompt


The coming season slowed the ripples on the shallow side of the bend as the last of the leaves waited on a wind. Winter would be here. John pushed his fingers into the cold mud, the worms all but gone. He stared out at the river hoping to see a splash but instead found a perfect reflection of the riverbank. The fall run was over, soon the water would thicken and ice in the corners. The fish had fed well and the bite had slowed. Under the tree blanketed beneath some leaves he found one last worm, he found hope.



25 thoughts on “By The Bank

    1. Thanks Gary. Love A Games of Thrones! Normally I am not a huge fan of stuff like that but one of the reasons I love it is because they tie the natural world to myths and legends. The way it should be.

  1. i could feel the cold. i felt like saying “after being here for this long, im not leaving without one more shot at a fish. god, let me find one more worm; get this fish and get home where its warm.” i could see the beauty of the moment but damn it was cold.

    love ya man.

    1. Thanks Kato….Good to see you on here! I can’t stop thinking about fishing this year..May even just spend the summer roaming from one beach to the next!
      Love ya man

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    Yours is a good reminder of the changing seasons and the truth of working within them. When finding a worm signals hope, you’ve just got to love it.

    1. Thanks V.L. Gregory. I look forward to reading your work. You always seem to do a nice job with these prompts.

  3. I enjoyed the changed of the seasons and the leaves that “waited on a wind.” I like that the worm acknowledges even though all is dying, there is still life…(hope). PS – I can’t WAIT for the summer run – my father-in-law always brings me steelhead from the Columbia River!

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