8 thoughts on “Love Letters

    1. Hey Joyce,
      Thanks sweetie.. I am glad you liked it…It’s an old one.

      On another note….It’s one hundred word sort of Friday..You may be interested in checking it out. Anyone can join!


  1. was looking into this site to post some of my work… dont know if it allows what i do to be posted…. u know me..lol but your work is beautiful keep it up!

    1. Joyce,
      You can always try writing in a different style….I tame myself as well for the 100 word stories but it is worth the effort…Great feedback and you can learn a lot about your own writing from the many talented people who are a part of the group. But there are certain rules and I get it if you don’t want to play by those rules…Look into Rochelle’s page under my 100 words link. She is the host and lays out the rules.

    2. WordPress I believe will allow you to blog just about anything you want…you can even rate your own page by content. Thanks for the kind words.


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