Everyday on my Facebook feed someone is blowing sunshine my way. “Live, love, laugh” they say. Most of the time I’m waiting for the inevitable melt down. The couple who is happy one day, divorced the next.

On the rare occasion someone comes into your life who’s energy shines, without words spoken, you feel it. You know it when you are in their presence. Michael Zinn is one of those rare souls.

I met him only once in person. He focused his eyes, said hello and went back to work taking photographs. Head inside his lens, he walked away, the breeze of his ease as real as the weather that day.

“We decided to write a story and created a Photo-Graphic novel.”

Check out Michael’s work at http://Www.photzinnthesis.com


Zinn is always looking to collaborate with other artists. Reach out to him with your ideas.