Learning to walk

That night I’m pretty sure when the barfly

took off her top

I said

I haven’t seen tits like that in 20 years.

The only reason

I’m not sure

is because those words, you would think

would be a mood killer.

What ever the case was

that was the truth

I had not seen tits like that in twenty years.

From that night forward

I no longer clinched my jaw so tight I got headaches.

I worked

I drank

I ate.

I fucked.

My headaches went away.

The beer flowed.

I raised hell

because I was good at it.

Sun On Rocks



There is something to be said

About the

Cold blue ice

The breath of winter

But it’s sunshine

We all seek


You can love the darkness

Sing to the moon

It’s sunshine that warms us

The heat

Of burning madness

The warming of rocks

Beside the cold pine lined water


The sun shines.