I am pushing my head tonight
Filling it with smoke and booze
Its cause last night I was on the porch
Under the awning

The wind was heavy
I barely touched a drop
I smoked a lot
But last night



Was< Putting it Into perspective Last night I heard the train in the distance Still couldn’t figure out the bass sound That goes along with the crickets But I was there In the wind Under the awning Warm in the fall Dressed for my Autumn

4 thoughts on “Autumn

    1. Thanks Eden…dipping in to the archives, nice. Were you enjoying the breeze or filling your head with booze and smoke? Or both? I love Autumn. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.


      1. Booze maybe, smoke never.
        Was just up in the deep woods of Northern Ontario for Thanksgiving, the colors were as red as your picture.

        Really quite something … until you have to rake them all up. 😉


        1. Eden,
          The leaves are just starting to turn on Long Island. The weather has changed, cool nights, crisp days and a little yellowing of the leaves. Just so you know I did not take that picture. This is my favorite time of the year..raking the leaves sucks but it’s worth it for all the beauty.


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