You have a touch of me baby
Hard to call you that
When you are the oldest
When you were the one
All my dreams
All my hopes
Rest on

I stood there
Outside tonight
After I wrestled
The used
New couch
The Castro
Shifting from foot to foot

And I thought how far
I had come
Cause when I think of you
My head starts to swirl
And you said
For the first time
Mom says it takes money and that’s a problem

I didn’t get far at all
Unless you count steps back
Your superhero
That’s why you told me
It mattered
So I decided
Mom was right

I didn’t tell you
That’s why you told me
You said
You wanted me to speak to her
But we both knew
You were asking me
To make it right

You have a touch of me baby
I minimized the screen
When you walked by
And we both said goodnight
I love you
See you in the morning

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