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Well it’s Wednesday and that could only mean one thing… that it’s 100 word Friday.  Last week I was busy with life.   This week I have a glass of red wine in my hand and the keyboards under the touch of my fingers. Ohhh the joy. I added last week’s prompt into this post and made another image of this week’s prompt.  That’s three for one if you are following me. Oh Mirror Mirror!


Once again Thanks to Rochelle Winsoff Fields.  All links can be found here.


This week’s Prompt.

Copyright-Rich Vosa



The sterile shine blinds anyone who looks into the floorboards.  Twenty years ago Joey’s girlfriend Mary took her life.   She cut her throat with a spoon she started sharpening on Thanksgiving.  Mary committed suicide on Christmas morning outside of room 4k.  Every morning Joey the Janitor polishes the floor hoping to see her face in the mirror like shine of the floorboards. It is believed that on Christmas Eve night if you say “Mary Christmas” three times while looking into the reflection of the floorboards she will appear and take the life of a young man.  Have a Mary Christmas!


Now for something from the gut…….and a little more my style.


Looking forward I saw the past, interchanging links on a bracelet. Spaghetti string, the infinity mirror, some guy on NCIS and myself. Bright and shining with two rooms to take. I couldn’t help but ask “Where the fuck is door number three?” Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Repeat through the shadows, caught in the dark spaces between the floorboards. The bright light reflection kept coming back. As if there was more to it and is if there was one more than two choices. The future or the past? Here was the present.









Easter egg blue bled into her Christmas sky.  A birthday was about to be celebrated but she felt death without rising. She turned her hands, palms out, shrugged her shoulders and raised her arms to the side.  Her cross to bear Carla walked into Nostrums.  Jeff turned and watched her shadow go through the revolving door, the lone bag filled with cards hung from his arm. He stood frozen, wishing for a white Christmas. Hoping she wouldn‘t do it.  But Carla gave in, the credit card burned red and green smoke.  What Christianity stole from the pagans capitalisms gave back.

32 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror Mirror

  1. Dear Mr. Poet,

    Thanks for he treat of three stories. Is ‘cross to bare’ in the third a typo or the way you intended that one to be written. Just curious as it might bear on the story.



    1. Doug,
      Does it really matter? Bare, bear or a big bear. Mirror mirror mirror! It’s a typo but bare seems to work as well….

      Aloha Tom

  2. Lions and Tigers and Bares…oh my! Hi Tom, only you can say if she was baring her cross or bearing it. I do like your last line in #3. Something to think about. #1 was a chiller. Mary Christmas, Tom.

    1. Rochelle,
      She was bearing her cross but I seem to like her baring her cross as well. Off to work. I’ll think about it as I whistle….


  3. I liked the first one, it had a real sinister feel to it. Very well done. The second one, couldn’t get a handle on it at all. Didn’t hinder my enjoyment of the writing though.

    1. Sandra,
      Thanks…The first one is my least favorite because it so predictable and something out of a bad horror movie. The second one is about looking into a mirror that has another mirror behind it giving the illusion of going on forever. So when you look forward you are seeing the past, making the future and the past the same thing and the present no longer “is” it “was” as well as the future. So all that is left is what “was” making us products of our past…..something like that…

  4. I especially liked the way you wove the various Christian symbols into the last story juxtaposed against the pagan and loved the last line. I liked “Mary Christmas”, too. That story sounds like something from “Supernatural” so don’t be surprised if Dean and Sam show up to try to exorcise Mary!

    A glass of red wine while writing…what a great idea. Maybe even better than your stories! 🙂

    1. Janet,
      I hope it is a good wine and not some cheap wine….I hope my stories are better than that. I enjoyed the mixing up of all the commercialized christian holidays. I even threw Easter in there…As for the second one I have never watched Supernatural so if Dean and Sam show up they are going to have to explain to me who they are. I hope to get over to your page tonight when I get back from school….It’s been a long day of work and class doesn’t end until 10.

      Thanks Tom

    1. Abraham,
      One was Raw…yes a sharpened spoon that sick bitch! I can see why two would lose someone. I tried to explain it a little in my comment to Sandra. I was also having fun with words, images and feelings…Thanks for the comments.


  5. Liked number one. VERY twisted.

    OK with number two. Not as twisted, but it’s got originality.

    Thanks, Tom. Good reads!

    1. Kent,
      And I was going to drop one but I am glad you are Ok with two. You and I may be the only ones!

      Thanks for stopping in…


  6. Hi Tom,
    A triple treat! Especially liked one and three. One is a complete ghost tale and three has the real dope on us pagans. Ron

    1. Hey Ron,

      Thanks man…I don’t know one just feels Ok to me. I like the last line in three and some of the other bits in it.


    1. Rich,
      You are the first one to pickup on the bloody Mary idea….Good eye! By the way this photo of yours looks like a mirror trick but I read on Rochelle’s page that it was a hotel you where at….I think they need some paintings or something on the wall. It looks more like an insane asylum.


    1. Parul,
      Thanks the last line of the third one seems to be my favorite line as well. As far as #2 goes…I was trying to go with the feel the photo gave me…I wrote it at about the same rate of speed I type…it’s from the gut and my favorite one of the three.


    1. Brudberg,

      Cavemen sharpened rocks. There is no reason with a little evil intent and some time you can’t sharpen a spoon. I am glad my comment helped on #2…it was a little encrypted. I hope you put one up this week. I look forward to your work.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  7. I like your style. The amount of intensity in each story has left me quite speechless. I really can’t say much more, except that I look forward to reading more! “Mary Christmas” 😉

  8. Hi!
    Awesome page! love it….Mirror, Mirror? For me, it’s #3! LOL.. last 3 sentences especially, ROCK! beautifully done my friend 😉

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