Paint Pot #6


The wind

Touches your  hair

Your hand

In mine

Little fingers

Wrapped in my callous palm

You tug me

To see your rock

To tell you

The name of a shell



You point out to me



I lift you up

We find stones

You skip

I walk

You roll

I skip

Stones to your delight

We walk back

To the house

Paint pot

Red cheeks

Fingers and toes

5 thoughts on “Paint Pot #6

    1. Thanks Madison! Like I said On your blog, I pushed this out at about two in the morning. I feel kind of forced right know. I have jumped in to a world of writers and on top of that I have been submerged in the writings of a poet I find fascinating, the influences around me are strong right now. I am also not happy with the spacing on the page. Tech crap I will have to figure out. I know my voice and right now I am not coming through but these writings will do for now.

  1. this reminded me of when my kids were small, now i do this with my grandkids…
    beautiful image of a day with dad…

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