Somewhere in Japan


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Here it comes

Wait..for.. it




I curse my ass off sometimes!



*After reading the comments I decided I would change the title of this story so people would understand from the start where this story takes place…


* A few days later… yet another title change thanks to the boss.  That is not a typo.  It is the boss with a little “b”.  There is only one Boss with a big “B”.  The Man from Jersey who rips up a stage, playing for hours. The  working man’s Boss…..

So from New York comes a reward for good commentary. It’s not Just Fireworks it’s








Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Now on with story and Ted I am waiting on your word count.

Just to remind anyone reading, it is now called


Somewhere In Japan

Seamus and Tareek towered above the crowd maybe the whole nation. Seamus stood 6’2” with a chunk of red hair. Tereek’s muscles rippled with every movement.

“I tried telling them, Tareek.”

“Did you show them your passport?”

“Yep. They think we are being humble. Must be a cultural thing.”

“Can’t they read English?”

They both looked around, smiled and chuckled.

“Not that well I guess.”

“Seamus at least they don’t think I’m your slave.”

“Remind me to tell you about… Irish need not apply.”


The celebration began in their honor.

“Don’t forget I’m Mark McGwire and you’re Sammy Sosa.”




33 thoughts on “Somewhere in Japan

    1. Ted,
      If I made you laugh that has to be a good thing…There is a lot going on here. Basically you have two guys from America, one’s Irish American the other African American. Their close friendship has sparked conversations about racism, stereotypes and painting people with a broad brush. Each believing that they have a corner on the market. They find themselves in China where the people have little contact with the American culture outside of sports and Hollywood. Because they are unique and foreign to the people of China the average citizen associates them with what they know. “They all look the same to me” thing happens to the both of them but in this case they are seen as sports stars. “He’s big and has red hair he has to be the sports star…what’s he’s name?” “McSomething?” “Yep and that’s the other sports star Sammy Davis…” “No no he’s a singer. Sosa..ah yes Sosa!” Yet the two Americans joke about cultural differences and not being able to read English while they are in a China…


        1. If I ain’t confusing you Ted I seem to be confusing someone….LOL. Thanks man I am glad someone is following me on this one.

  1. I must admit I was kind of confused as to where they were and why a celebration. The piece is interesting as to the relationship between the disparately ethnic duo and the puzzlement of where in time and place they had been dropped. And why a connection to Mark McGwire, who is hardly getting any celebrations these day.

    After I read your comment, I got it and it makes a great point about cultural stereotypes and wrong perceptions of others. Curious to see if others get it; maybe it needs one more sentence somewhere?

    1. The time modern day. The Place somewhere in china. The connection to Mark McGwire the red hair and size of the man. Why Mark? Because with his frame, size and hair color he is easily distinguishable to most Americans even in a room full of Irish/Scottish men but in China 6’2″ redheads are not seen often. The celebration a little over the top. The common bound between the two men the human condition, understanding of oppression and the banter they enjoy discussing such matters…Will others get it perhaps. I am sure you are right about an extra sentence but 100 words is where I call it Done.

  2. Thanks for the explanation Tom, I wouldn’t have got there without it but if you mix subtlety with the ‘atlantic divide’ (I’d no idea who Mark McG and Sammy S were) that’s what happens. A lot of thought went into this one, from both yourself and, it appears, the readers. Good work.

  3. Dear Tom,

    Thanks for the warning and getting my hopes up…..and then no cursing, dang!

    What country are they in? And how did they get confused with mark and Sammy. That’s a stretch from Seamus and Tareek?

    Of to read comments now. How many hundreds of words will you have to write to explain this one?



    1. Dear Doug,
      1 China…2.Because they are black and Irish not to be confused with black Irish. The names have little to do with it, it’s their physical appearance that matters and causes the confusion. It’s seem rather straight forward to me but the readers know best.


    1. Thank you so much K.D.
      I have not looked at the links since returning home. I look forward to you writing something this week or the next. Thanks for kind words. Your help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Jackie P.

      I love the sound of your name by the way…Jackie P. I hear myself almost yelling it out in a crowd or across the room “YO JACKIe P”. Thanks for the comments.


  4. Hi Tom,
    Posting early and often, good idea. I guess in China, all of certain racial groups look alike, right? Or am I way off base? Ron

    1. Ron,
      You are not off base but I wasn’t trying to point out the Chinese. “They all look alike” is often said by white people, black people etc. You name the group and there are people within that group who say stuff like “They’re are all the same” about a different group they don’t know or understand…That was the point of the story but I was trying to do it with a little humor. By the way this happened, not the firework show but the mistaken identity to my brother in China. Everywhere he went people wanted to take his picture and kept calling him Mark McGwire…The other character I based on a friend of mine who I often have discussion about race with.

  5. This is funny, Tom. Quite clever. The explanation helped me, but I think I had it pretty good. People want to hold on to what they feel comfortable with.

    1. Thank you Amy..I think changing the title helped. The comments inspired me to write something else about race relations and people in general. I posted the other story as well on my page.


  6. hmmm. why china? i know in japan they idolize american baseball players, but perhaps in japan they’d recognize the real mark and sammy. oh, and in china they might not. so i just answered my own question. well done.

    1. Rich,
      Now that’s a great point. You know Japan would have worked so much better! But the true story that this is semi-based on happened in China. I think we are looking at another title….”Somewhere in Japan”. Thanks man. Should I send you some money or something? Like this kind of feedback.



  7. I understood this only after your explanation. but that could be because of my own limited knowledge on the subjects.
    I am working with a Japanese at work these last few months. it’s very difficult to talk to them. they don’t understand much English. But sweet people.

    1. Parul,
      Without a common language I would image it is difficult to communicate. Thanks for taking the time to read my story and the comments that followed it.


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