Side By Side #1

We pushed on

Beyond the green smoke

Into the night


We sat together the two us

Having drink after drink

We packed the cigarettes in packs

One on top of the other

Two or three lighters

Two glasses in many forms

Double old fashion

Old fashion




We cursed the gods

We spoke words no one else would ever hear us speak

We were side by side like when we were kids

We were side by side


Laughing at the misery

Crying over the good times

Until your wife’s foot pounded on the floor


We went outside


Stirred up the night

Until the neighbors told us to “shut the fuck up”

But we shouted back rocks to the side of the house

We shut that bitch up and her tiny little husband.


We pushed on beyond the green smoke

As night tried to blanket the land

As the sun


We were side by side like when we were nothing but trouble

We were

Side by side.

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