A Gentle Dance

You come across people who have no concern for their fellow man

Would love to beat you down

Step all over your dreams

With soft words and back stabs

A gentle dance on your heart

The most bad ass ballerinas you ever saw

They know answers to questions you would never be able to pull out

Of your mind

Maybe recognize but never recall

But they’ll never understand

How brutal and ugly they are

A skeleton of rattling bones

A Broadway beat down

“An epic novel man” of commercialized vacant originality

As they tip toe across the truth

Leap over your health to jump into your wounds

A black swan startling you from sleep

We all trip and fall

Come down from our flight

And when you land I will be there

Not to guide you or make your landing soft

I will be there in place waiting

As your bones turn to dust and the dance ends.

Watching a coward in a tutu

Now dance motherfucker


2 thoughts on “A Gentle Dance

  1. Tom, I like this poem although I admit that m-f is one of my least favorite words. I realize it’s part of your voice and your voice in this poem, though, and in that context, it fits. I like the contrast between your title and what’s actually going on, not a gentle dance at all but one of destruction.

    I think my favorite line is “Leap over your health and jump into your wounds.” That’s very descriptive and makes me feel the hurt.


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