Bird Watching #10

In a field with one tree

A crow would always


Wait for me to come out the door

He would caw

Wings up

Showing me the strength in his shoulders

I asked the native American who worked with me


He would laugh

At my sad eyes

He would laugh at

Why he would know why

In between then and now

A hundred birds or more

Tried to get closer to me

At a stop sign

A chickadee flew in my window

Robins made a nest by the living room window

I watched them grow and fly free

The Cardinal

That landed two feet from me

Early in the morning

On a short fence by the house

Sang to me

Like my mom did when I was young

I am not sure where she is now

I still see the crows

When I am down and out

Staring at me

They no longer caw

They are too busy watching

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