Different things

I don’t believe in toxic masculinity anymore than toxic femininity
It’s just a way to brow beat men for being men. You’re toxic or you’re not.

Your gender has nothing to do with it
We are simply different
I enjoyed fighting as a young man

Of course I was often the winner
But there was a calm to it
Like picture frames snapping by
Everything came to a stop
I can feel the moments peeling way
Each slice, every second…I never felt so alive
That’s the truth
But I learned how and when
I had a purpose to my aggression
Like God was in my fists
Taught many a man how to be a better man by knocking them the fuck out
Made friends
And enemies for a lifetime but we knew where we stood

Made more friends fighting then I lost
We truly are losing these rights of passage
And it’s becoming dysfunctional
Kills me to see it
Boys need to be able to work that aggression out and not feel ashamed
Today it festers in them and you can see it, you feel it
That’s The truth

My mom taught me everything about women
My dad taught me some things
But they were mainly surface stuff
I learned from his charm
About how to talk and how to present myself
But my mom taught me how to make a women love me
All-together different things

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