2 thoughts on “Laser work

  1. Nice work, Tom!! I especially like the coasters, the sign pointing to the beach, and the tray. Hope all’s well with all of you. Don’t know if you know we moved to Arizona, the Phoenix area, to be near my parents who are now in their early 90’s. Definitely different from the Midwest or mountains. 🙂 We’re also nearer our older daughter and her husband but obviously farther from our daughter in Philly. Good to see you again.


    1. Hey Janet,
      I havent see you in a bit. So glad to hear from you. Thanks for all the support you have shown me over the years. Happy to hear you are closer to your folks. 90s? Wow! You are blessed to have them and such great genes. I have been busy doing the hussle to get by and will slow down come winter. SO that will give me a chance to get back into the creative mindset. Glad to hear you are doing well. Send some love to the your family from me.

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