Me No Speak English

Exactly 100 words like always…


The tire exploded, the van jerked hard to the right and back.  The schedule 40 steel pipes tied to the roof racks held firm.  I pulled off at the exit and changed the tire, checked the pipes on the roof and made my way to the gas station.  Exit 21 off of 495 deposited me into another world.  The man at the station spoke little English but knew what I needed, a new tire and rim. With all that weight a spare wouldn’t be safe.  He smiled and said ” ‘alf’ hour”.   I walked to the nearby park, finding a place to rest.


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25 thoughts on “Me No Speak English

  1. I like that the photo takes up with the very end of the story. I do like that “other world” quality of the story and the photo. Question, though: why spell “our” that way when “hour” is pronounced the same way? Thanks for your comment on mine. 🙂

  2. Tai Chi in the bushes made me imagine little Chinese people hacking through vegetation in slow mo. 🙂 I, too, have been some place where I felt I was in a different country because of language. Recently in New Jersey near Philly, I stopped to get gas and could barely understand the person behind the counter and since they had the weirdest credit card system, I barely made it out alive and with gas. 🙂

    You may want to get rid of the capital “S” in “He smiled”.

    1. The world is getting smaller and you can find pockets of just about any culture right down the road. Thanks for stopping by Dude.

    1. I see the confusion there Rich. I added two words….now two words have to go. Hmmmm….Well thanks for stopping by and ruining exactly 100 words.

    1. Thanks Doug,
      I always like hearing from you. I will stop by your blog later today and have a look. You are great talent and I look forward to reading your work.

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