Pure Light

I would like to thank our lovely host Rochelle.  All other stories can be found here.  The picture, photo and sculpture all done by the extremely talented Claire Fuller.

Not a big fan of the 300 word introduction to the one hundred word story… I totally understand if you skip ahead to my 100 word offering.

This story is nonfiction and is based on the love of my life, my girlfriend Sabrina.  I had a tough week because I lost a close friend.  Half numb, slightly hung over and tired from  sleep deprived nights I didn’t think I would participate this week but my addictive personality got the best of me. As hard as I tried I could not shake this monkey on my back known as the Friday Fictioneers. I also apologize for my lack of commenting last week.

When I look at the picture with the statue in it, it reminds me of two people so close they are one, intermingled in thought and emotion. Eyes closed, warmth surrounding them, feeling the wave of their love flowing through each other.  That is how I feel with Sabrina.  During a dark week she was my light, and I had no choice but to make her the subject of this weeks prompt.

100 words

/copyright-Claire Fuller

On the bed with my legs over yours we lie back as I read to you.  The sun comes through the window, we are nude and fit together as we adjust for position. Normally uncomfortable naked with the blinds open I am the statue of the Dying Gaul in your mind and I can feel your eyes as I can feel the  morning light coming through the windows.  I put the book down, curl around you and whisper without need for restraint thoughts I normally do not share. I breathe in the scent of the only woman I love.

The Dying Gaul


 Bri and Me



62 thoughts on “Pure Light

    1. Doug,
      It is good to see you back at the top of my comment list. I hope your disc tournament went well. Thanks for taking the time out to read and for your kind comments.

  1. So honest, pure, moving and well written .. Your emotions came out in this piece.
    Sorry to hear about your friend.. Heartfelt condolences and may God give you all the strength to get through this rough time.

    1. Muzer,
      Thank you for your condolences and for your comments. I will be by your blog sometime within the next day or so to comment and read. I am busy this week and time is limited.

    1. Sandra,
      We are just right for each other. I love her with all my heart and she always been nothing less then understanding of me. Coping with loss comes in many forms and for me writing has always been my therapy. Thanks for commenting and for your support.

    1. Rochelle,
      Thank you for the comment, as well as chatting with me this week. Sometimes it is best just to let things out…But I noticed a few typos in my intro and I am little baffled that you did not say something…Do not go soft on me my friend. Tough times or not your editing skills are needed by this lazy writer.


      1. Okay, Tom, your call…I did find two typos in the story…didn’t notice them in the intro. (Pobody’s nerfect) I think you mean “statue” and not “statute” of the Dying Gaul…
        And it should be “I breathe in…” Breath is the noun.
        There. Ya happy? You nailed me. I did kind of overlook them. I won’t let it happen again. 😉

        1. Rochelle,
          I knew there were some mistakes in there…It was a long day! I knew I could count on you and Yes I am happy now!

    1. Thank you so much…I shared it with Bri as I wrote it…There is another poem about her on webpage http://www.tompoet.com called my water. It will be published this summer in a magazine. I will frame that one for sure and give it to her.
      Thanks Tom

  2. Agree that it’s a lovely tribute. I’m glad she was there for you during such a difficult time. I love the reading to her. Reading aloud is wonderful at any age.

    Just one grammar item–“we lie back” not “lay.” 🙂

    Praying the upcoming days will bring sunshine into your life again!


    1. OK OK I fixed it….I love reading to her and I do it when I ever I can. I was reading Leaves of Grass to her a few nights ago. I am looking forward to some sunshine myself…All the best to you Janet!


    1. Thank you kindly… She is my water and we both feel as if we have met in another time…perhaps we did and we will continue to..It’s a nice thought..


  3. sorry for the loss of your friend. Good that you are having support to cope with your feelings..Few people fiind a true soulmate..and your story also reflects your thoughts..

    1. Thanks T….That is a fine thing to say…I do not know if there will be much peace for my friends family for a long time but let’s hope.


  4. So glad you had her to help you in this dark time. The one that makes us whole helps to share the burden and multiply the happiness. I like your description and comparison to the sculture. I got the same kind of feeling from the picture.

    1. Thank you Joe. “The one that makes us whole helps to share the burden and multiply the happiness”….well said.


  5. I’m sure Sabrina appreciates this story – as you say, the two faces appear to be melded by their love, just as you are. I think there’s a typo in the last line – the is repeated.

  6. I set out into mine with the desire to get a feel into the language for that nuzzled nearness the sculpture evokes. Your combo of support and nourishment, and of whispering and breathing did it. Glad you got it off your back.

    1. Thanks, I am working on getting the rest off of my chest but for now I am wearing it like a cross and have been unable to put it down on the end table.

  7. Tom,
    that was very powerful, all the more if it’s non-fiction. It takes a lot to that much of yourself out there. You describe the scene beautifully, and the comparisons to the Dying Gaul was masterful.

  8. I am sorry for your loss. May you find comfort.

    The theme of your piece (two being one) is the one that I thought of at first, but I went with something easier.

    Well done.

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