The Lonely Old Man


Well it’s Friday and those crazy Fictioneers are at it again.  You can find the link here….Join us!


“I keep the batteries there, in the jar, for the kids just in case they really need them.  But those kids sure have grown up and you just don’t see them around as much now a day.  But that don’t stop me from collecting batteries.  Some kids need more than others.  New kids come around.  Now that Frankie he needed at least four or five batteries every time I saw him.  You’d think one good AA …maybe two would be enough?  But not Frankie!   He wouldn’t get off the lawn until I shot four or five at him from my old slingshot.”





43 thoughts on “The Lonely Old Man

  1. Hi Tom,
    Finally a good use for dud batteries! Could I get a hit off what your smoking in the photo? It might help me be as imaginative as you! Ron

    1. Ron,
      That is just a good old Newport….besides your imagination needs no help! What you never shot old batteries out of your wrist rocket as a kid? Really? I find it hard to believe my friends and I were the only ones. Anyway for the “imagination smoke” you’ll have to come to New York…only the best!

      PS…I will get back to that discussion on your blog…soon enough I hope.

    1. I had a guy like this on my block as a kid…he would steal our soccer balls when they landed on the lawn. So we would just mess with him more. Sad but true!

  2. Firing off old batteries from a slingshot? Did kids do it or still do it? Yikes! Aim for some kid’s temple and they are gaga forever… Nice lawsuit for the family too. Anyhow, nice work.

    1. Lora,
      When I was young we shot everything and anything from a slingshot…Batteries have weight so they were great for shooting..almost as good as a rock. We never shot rock/batteries at each other because we knew the damage they could do but oddly enough we had b.b. gun fights. I guess the logic was a rock to the head could kill you but the b.b. would only stick in your skin and hurt a bit. We also wore down coats and goggles when we had b.b. gun wars for some form of protection.


    1. Shirley,
      I hope you got my message. I am unable to post on your blog because I have not figured out how to use my wordpress account for commenting and you have no name/URL option. But let me just say I enjoy your work very much and look forward to the day I figure out how to use my account properly so I can say how much I like your work on your blog. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. Dear Tom,

    This story was GREAT! Part of the reason is that I used to shoot double A’s at feral cats that would come out of the Kiawe forrest and steal my cat’s food. They are just the right size and pack a real wallop, as did your story.



    1. Doug,
      Finally someone who knows what I am talking about…I started to think my friends and I were the only ones who did this kind of thing. They sure do pack a wallop. Remind me to tell you about the homemade slate gun I made with surgical tubing, a 2×4 and some heavy duty clothespins. Thanks for the Kind words. I am glad it brought back some memories..


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